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Levedy: lady (Middle English), from hlaefdige(Old English) meaning 'bread kneader'

Fortunately, ladies nowadays have the freedom to do much more than make bread, although the members of Levedyare indeed all keen bakers away from their scholarly pursuits. Challenging the popular perception of medieval music as ‘monks singing dull chant’, the ladies of Levedyaim to bring alive the unexpected richness and vitality of the medieval vocal repertoire for today’s audience.

The ensemble takes its name from the many medieval English texts which refer to the Virgin Mary in this way: Levedy, flowr of alle thing… Specialising in European music of the 12th to 14th centuries, the three singers perform with a delicacy and clarity which communicates the power of polyphony in its purest form.

The members of Levedycome from England, Switzerland and Estonia and met during their postgraduate studies at the renowned centre for early music, the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland. They are all frequent performers in early music circles throughout Europe.

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